Welcome to the beautiful Happy Valley of WesternMassachusetts

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Calvin Theatre - Iron Horse - Mullins Center
UMass Fine Arts Center - J.M. Green Hall
Words & Pictures Museum - Holyoke Range
Norwottock Bike Trail - Mt. Sugarloaf
UMass - Amherst College - Smith College
Hampshire College - Mt. Holyoke College

The Happy Valley is a place where people try to stretch the edges of human possibility. Our community is home to many artists, craftspeople, academics, musicians and other robustly creative types. Beautiful rolling hills, relatively plentiful farmland, good public transportation, progressive social conciousness, a vibrant local business community and modest cost of living make those who live here proud to call it home.

You can get to the Happy Valley by taking either I-90 or I-95 or some other road near you to Interstate 91, which runs from New Haven, CT into the far reaches of northern Vermont. Anywhere within 25 miles of Northampton, Mass is a good place to start looking. If you find yourself smiling, you're probably there...

Recently, Northampton, Mass was named the #1 Small Arts Community in America by a book that rates such things.

Come by and visit, there's lots to see and do.

Check out our Local Sites of Interest page for some ideas and background information. Please send us e-mail about interesting and fun experiences you have had in the Happy Valley or relevant local sites we should link to.

Thanks for your interest... and have a great day!

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