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People who I know are in the following pictures:

(from the top)

Carlene Gardner

Claudia Center

Leslie Stanton

Prince (Mike Davis)

Tom Bier

Hillavi (?) Wyman

Kneith Knost

Robin Moulds

Amy Shapiro
(I think)

Nan the Taco

Kathryn Price

is that Arpie!?!

David Caputo

Rebecca Kovar

Shelley Schwartz

Jay Pharmakis

Kathy Majid

Katie Blodgett

Vandy Mengert

Kathy Reed

Neil Osgood

and of course



Please send me email with the identities and / or corrected spellings of anyone who is on here but not listed.


This is
so much fun!!

More photos coming soon!!

Con Con 81 - Claudia, Leslie, Carlene, Prince, Tom

One of my favorite pictures - Con Con 81

Con Con 81 - Kneith, Tom, Robin

Parting is such sweet sorrow, Con Con 81

Con Con 81 - Amy Shapiro?

David Spurgin (Guru), Sam Harsh and Ritchie Dawkins and ???

Con Con 81 - What the hell is Nan's last name?

Nan Warshaw

Con Con 81 - A young Kathryn Price

Kathryn Price with her famous "Go Ahead, Ask" nametag

No wonder our parents were pissed

Aron Arnold and Mistress Rebecca - Con Con 81

Dave with Rebecca Kovar

Dave Caputo and Rebecca Kovar at their apartment in Newton, MA - 1983

Dave n Shelley at the Prom

Dave Caputo and Shelley Schwartz at her Junior Prom

Jay Pharmakis awake for 100 Hours

Jay Pharmakis after 100 Hours without sleep - Con Con 81

Katie n Kathy at Lexington

Kathy Majid and Katie Blodgett - Framingham 81

Con Con 81 - Leslie Stanton

Leslie Stanton - 3 Hours after I met her....

Neil, Vandy, Cathy at Star

Cathy Reed, Neil Osgood and Vandy Mengert at Star 83


RUFUS!!!!! At Con Con 81

Star Vista

The fabled buildings of Star Island

Orgy at Summer Boards

Pigpile at Summer Boards 81 - Duluth, MN

Vandy at Star Island Chapel

Vandy Mengert at the Star Chapel - 1983

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